About eMade

This organisation began in 1995 and is primarily involved in running music and dance events at Kinnersley Castle in Herefordshire, England.

The objective of eMade is the promotion of traditional dance and music styles of Europe. This is achieved through the running of educational workshops in music and dance during the day and revisiting the workshop material during the evening.

e.Made is a voluntary sector company limited by guarantee. It is non profit sharing and run by a management team of non-salaried directors. All costings are designed to achieve, as near as prudence allows, ‘break-even’ at the conclusion of each financial year.

Within the group of participants who regularly attend our events there exists a vast reservoir of expertise. Many such musicians and dance instructors are very happy to share their knowledge, contributing significantly to the range of workshops on offer at our events.

In return for this commitment and interest we try and ensure that at least one event during the year programmes new artists from Europe. At present that event falls at the end on May during the late Spring Bank Holiday.

More details are presented at other locations within our web page.

Registered office

24 Covert Road,
West Bridgeford,
Nottingham, NG2 6GP

Company secretary

John Leopold
(+33) 962 178 773 john.leopold@wanadoo.fr